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Kurt is always on the move and loves to explore the picturesque forest and alpine paths on his mountain bike or enjoy the surroundings while running. He has already distinguished himself in numerous sporting competitions such as half marathons. As a qualified movement trainer and breathing course instructor, Kurt is keen to teach you the importance of leading an active lifestyle. In the winter months you can find him on the ski slopes or on ski tours, always keen to experience the beauty of nature. Kurt is also a talented musician and plays in the local band. We love chatting to our guests and offering personal tips for exploring the local area. Kurt is a trained surveyor and his completion of various courses in the hospitality industry mean he is best equipped to understand of your needs.

Monika, on the other hand, is a nature lover with an affinity for herbs and flowers. She has a profound knowledge of herbalism and cultivation through the various courses she has taken. She is also proud to make her own products such as ointments, tinctures, and salts. In her hotel garden, she grows a variety of organic herbs and plants. Monika likes exploring nature and documenting it through photography. She is also creative and adept at sewing, making gift items and mending clothes. She maintains her vitality by cycling, hiking, and running. An enthusiastic baker, she likes to experiment with new recipes and is passionate about healthy eating, being a vegetarian herself. She is fascinated by art, culture and travelling to inspiring places around the world. Thanks to her training as a travel agent and her experience in the hotel industry, Monika knows exactly how to give guests the best possible stay.